The Public Guardian and Trustee (PGT) protects the legal and financial interests of its property guardian clients. For these clients, the transition to adulthood can often be difficult, particularly when it comes to money management. Youth leaving care often lack the guidance and support they need from family and other trusted adults in how to manage their money and could become vulnerable to financial abuse. The PGT brochure Transitioning from Care? provides some examples of situations that youth may face when leaving care.

For many years, the PGT has advocated for law reform that would allow clients transitioning from care the choice to continue receiving support from the PGT in managing the funds held in trust. As of December 3, 2018, legislative amendments to the Infants Act and the Public Guardian and Trustee Act allow these clients the option to enter an agreement with the PGT to hold and manage their funds until the age of 27.

The PGT will work with these young adults to create plans to secure their financial future.

For more information, please contact PGT Child and Youth Services by email at or by phone at 604.775.3480.