A Private Committee is the term we use when someone other than the Public Guardian and Trustee (PGT) is appointed, under the Patients Property Act, to manage the financial, business, legal affairs (Committee of Estate) and/or personal and health care decisions (Committee of Person) of someone who is no longer capable of looking after these matters. Most often Private Committees are family members or friends.

The PGT's Private Committee Services department (PCS) helps committees to understand their role and monitors the actions of committees by reviewing their accounts on a regular basis and undertaking investigations when concerns are reported.  Our Private Committee Handbook contains details of the roles and responsibilities of Private Committee once appointed, and gives guidelines as to how to exercise these as Committee.

PCS operates out of our Greater Vancouver Office. Private Committee Review Officers are available to answer questions by telephone, fax, email or regular mail. We have a dedicated general inquiry number (604.660.1500) which you can call to have any questions answered or to speak with the Review Officer assigned to you. If you are calling from outside of the Lower Mainland, you can call the Enquiry BC toll-free line (1.800.663.7867) and ask to be transferred to the general inquiry line.

Reporting to the PGT is a statutory requirement for all Private Committees of Estate. In the past, many have found this process too detailed and cumbersome. We have developed a revised form of accounting (Account Submission Package) which we invite all Private Committees of Estate to use. We would also appreciate you forwarding your Feedback Form to us, along with the package in order that we may evaluate your opinion of the revised format. You may also call to have a package sent to you by mail or email.

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