The Public Guardian and Trustee (PGT) provides services to clients through three broad program areas: Child and Youth Services; Services to Adults; and Estate and Personal Trust Services. These are supported by Client Finance and Administrative Services; Legal Services; and Policy, Planning and Public Education. The PGT Executive Office provides overall direction and coordination.

The 264 staff of the PGT seek to provide respectful, individualized service with the help of family, friends and community. Employees of the PGT are hired under the Public Service Act and come from a variety of backgrounds including financial, legal, health care and social services. The PGT is proud of the diversity of its staff; collectively, the staff of the PGT speaks 28 languages.

Executive Committee

Catherine M. Romanko, Public Guardian and Trustee

Dana Kingsbury, Deputy Public Guardian and Trustee

Trudie Manoloudis, Executive Director, Child and Youth Services

Sara Maloney, Executive Director, Corporate Projects and Strategic Operations

Kimberly Azyan, Executive Director, Services to Adults

Bryce Somerville, Executive Director, Estate and Personal Trust Services

Richard Rennie, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director, Client Finance and Administrative Services​​