Convenient and easy
Save time
Quickly draft and complete forms, attach documentation and pay fees.
Save money
Submit documents online and save on photocopying and postage costs.
Work with your co-committee online to share and complete the forms.
Pay fees
Fees are calculated for you and you can pay online.
Get started

To register, you need your BC Services Card Account, a valid email and the file number for the adult(s) for whom you are committee.

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Important tips
About the BC Services Card Account

You need a BC Services Card Account to register and login to the Private Committee Online Services. The BC Services Card Account is a digital ID that protects your identity and makes sure no one else can access services as you. Do not have BC Services Card Account?  Setup 

Other options to submit accountings, payment and make requests to access restricted assets

If you cannot submit accounts online you can mail them to the PGT. 

The letter reminding you that your account submission is due tells you when and what kind of submission is required. You can download the Full Accounting  or the Limited Accounting and if you have been asked to send it, the Expense Report or the Request access to restricted asset form.  You can also download the affidavit required for any full accounting submissions.


Services available

The available services include: 

  • Request access to restricted assets
  • Submit your accountings
  • Pay fees online
  • Send the PGT documents
Need help?

The Private Committee Services department is here to help. 

  • Call: 604-660-1500   
  • Email: