Managing a missing person's property

Glossary Accessibility

The Public Guardian and Trustee (PGT) acts as curator for persons who are missing as defined in the Estates of Missing Persons Act. A curator is a person appointed to manage a missing person’s property until they are located or until the funds are paid into court for safekeeping.

If the missing person has significant assets and those assets are at risk, the PGT may be appointed curator by a court order. An asset is something a person owns. It could be real property, jewellery or a stock, including cash.

If you are concerned about the financial affairs of someone who may be missing, please seek legal advice. The court may issue a presumption of death, or appoint an individual, other than the PGT, to take care of the person’s estate as curator. If you are a legal adviser, please contact the PGT before requesting a court order appointing the PGT as curator. To make inquiries about the PGT acting as curator, please contact us at